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Social Media Guide: Evaluating Your Brand Identity On Multiple Channels

If you want to ensure that your business is ready to jump into social media networking in full gear next season, it’s time to create a social media guide for your industry. This guide should be easy to follow and have clear strategies laid out from the beginning. It will allow you to quickly identify potential problem areas and have answers to critical questions before you start actually promoting your business online. Here are some tips to get you started.

Social Media Guide

The first part of a social media guide is learning about your brand and the platforms where it is available. Part one will include general brand information and the platform on which your brand can be found. The platform will need to be mentioned for each individual social channel you are using. Your brand’s reach, how many followers and likes it has, and overall reputation will need to be assessed in this part of the guide.

Next, identify key players in your industry who have an impact on your brand. These could include your top competitors, influential mentors, industry influencers, or your target audience. Define how you plan to leverage their influence and resources to promote your brand through the various social media channels they use. This is an especially important section of a social media guide because it helps you define your brand as well as what others see as relevant to your brand.

The final part of this guide considers the importance of social platforms for reaching and engaging your target audience. For instance, if you are a dog trainer, then you might want to consider how you can make yourself easily accessible by targeting Facebook users with dog-related keywords. How can you get your brand and its message out? How can you reach all of your followers and potential customers? How can you get your content out there in front of them as well? These are all important considerations to make for each of your specific channels.

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