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CBD Lotion As A Healing Agent

Difference Between Dry And Oily Skin

What is the main difference between dry and oily skin? Well, obviously it is the way they react to outdoor effects, however the main difference is that customers need to understand that these types of skin are indeed different. That is the reason why you cannot use products for oily skin if you have dry skin, and you are not allowed to use products dry skin if you have oily skin, thinking that you can reduce the amount of oil.

CBD Lotion

With the help of CBD lotion, you can finally regain that balance and resolve skin problems. This lotion comes in two different formulas, where one formula is good for oily skin and the second formula is good for dry skin. So, how to apply this lotion? Well, all you need to do in order to achieve the best result is to do the peeling. You should do the physical peel meaning that you will go in your bath, wash your skin with hot water and then take some sort of sponge and clean your skin. The sponge will penetrate deep into your skin, and you will then create a clear surface for the next product. And your next product will be the lotion that we previously mentioned. You will see how your skin will instantly absorb the product and you will love it.

The lotion does not leave any marks on your clothes, the skin absorbs it immediately, however, the effect of lotion lasts really long. This will allows your skin to actually increase the production of collagen that is essential for healthy-looking skin.

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